Land Prices

Land Prices

7 USD / a month Water region 15k Prims

5 USD  / a month for starter region 20 k prims 

10 USD  / a month for Standard region 30 k prims 

15 USD  /a month for Gold region 40 k Prims 

Prim Pack

500 prim pack for 1.50 USD

1,500 prim pack for 2.50 USD

3,000 prim pack for 3.50 USD

5,000 prim pack for 7.00 USD

10,000 prim pack for 10.00 USD

15,000 prim pack for 12.00 USD

OAR Prices

If you bring your own Oar Upload Fee 

Oar 1×1 = $ 5.00

If you leave for any reason and want a copy of the oar the same fee applies.

Region Name Changed Price

If you want the name of your Region Name Changed it will be a $10.00 Fee.

If you are buying or paying for a region please when paying please put in a note :

Avatar Name / Email Address / Region / Month / Prims / Price / Location Preference on Map / God Status Preference